Hi I’m Stuart

This is My Stay At Home.

So I have been in lock down for a few weeks now and getting on the best I can and staying positive in these very strange times. Having a bit of spare times on my hands, after being laid off from my job in the hospitality industry, I wanted to keep in touch and share the one thing I’m so passionate about, food!

Food is one thing we all have in common, after all we have to eat! A couple of weeks ago my friend Bruce sent me an invite to a group he had set up for Evening Dinners. Just a little group to share what you are cooking for dinner that night. It was instantly addictive and also so enjoyable to be sharing and talking about food.

Myself & Bruce are passionate foodies and we’ve worked in the food industry for most of our lives. If you have ever been to a food hall at a county show or food festival you will have probably seen us feeding the thousands with our samples of sausages and Indian curries.

We also have lots of foodie friends who are generally food producers that we have exhibited with at many events far and wide.

The images that everyone’s sharing is great but I want the recipe as well!

I started asking for recipes in the comments section and got so many great ideas that I wanted to share them and so I have set up My Stay At Home.

My Stay At Home is your social community, where recipes come to life. By joining us you will join a robust foodie community and where you will get to share your recipes and food ideas with hundreds of other like-minded members.

So join us and start sharing those recipes! Enjoy!


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